Private Coaching with WILLOW

Experience ONE-ON-ONE coaching directly on the water and in the waves with WILLOW!

Private Coaching with WILLOW

Coaching with WILLOW – 2 HOURS


If you’re looking for some private training with Willow, this course offers everything needed for a solid training session with him!

The course is taught by Willow who will provide you with personalised coaching to help you improve your skills. Whether you are wanting to venture out into the waves for the first time, refine your tricks or get barrelled on One Eye. With Willow will be by your side, he will contribute all of his knowledge and expertise with years of experience in the ocean.

  • Kitesurfing & Wingfoiling
  • 1 Student per Instructor
  • All equipment included*
  • 1x 2 hour lesson



A full-day package that immerses you in the heart of Le Morne, guided by Willow’s unparalleled local insight and lifelong expertise. You’ll soak in the winds, waves, and wisdom that have shaped Willow’s journey. With personalized coaching tailored to your skill level, you’ll unlock new levels in kitesurfing/wingfoiling. This is more than coaching – it’s an unmatchable adventure, a fusion of nature’s elements and Willow’s guidance, elevating your skills in the embrace the amazing conditions Le Morne has to offer.

  • Kitesurfing & Wingfoiling
  • 1 Student per Instructor
  • All equipment included*
  • Full day of training

Why Private Coaching with Willow?

Coaching from a PRO

With 13+ years of local knowledge of spots and the waves, 10+ years of kitesurfing and 4+ years of wingfoiling, Willow is well trained to help you ride and shred as if you were a local yourself!

Faster Progression

Since the lesson is personalized to your needs, you’ll be able to progress faster than you would through trial & error. Willow will help you work on the skills that you need to improve on, while also sharing the tips and tricks he has learnt over the years.

Waves are FUN!

It’s no lie when we say that riding in the waves is a TON of fun! Willow is dedicated to making sure that you are enjoying yourself in the water while still taking in a lot of knowledge!

Unforgettable Experience

Manawa, Chameau, One Eye – these wave spots are the stuff of legends, sharing a session on these spots with Willow will guarantee an unforgettable experience on these spots.

Willow is a very chilled and fun coach.
Learned a lot in a short period of time and finally managed to do some turns on a wave!

– Kirsten Neumann


Our mission is to empower every student to become independent kiteboarders or wingfoilers as quickly as possible, so they can experience the freedom and stoke that these sports provide. We strive to provide personalized instruction tailored to each student’s unique learning style and pace, with a focus on safety and skill development. Our goal is to equip every student with the knowledge and confidence to enjoy the ocean and the sport on their own, and to cultivate a lifelong love of kiteboarding and wingfoiling!

-Willow-River Tonkin


Are your ready for your next adventure?

Wingfoiling is a thrilling new sport that combines elements of windsurfing and kitesurfing, and it’s incredibly exciting to learn!