The Point, Le Morne.

Welcome to The Point, Le Morne, Mauritius – a world-class destination for kitesurfing and wingfoiling enthusiasts. Situated amidst breathtaking natural beauty, this spot offers exceptional conditions and experiences for riders of all levels. Here is some valuable information to help you make the most of your visit.

The Wind Conditions – you can experience the magic of consistent trade winds that blow through to The Point. From May to October, the southeast winds create an ideal environment for kitesurfing and wingfoiling. The strongest winds of the season are typically between June and August – so plan your trip accordingly! Additionally, during the off-season, while inconsistent, we still get great wind for both kiting and wingfoiling!

Clear launching and landing zone – the convenience of a sandy beach at The Point, provides the perfect space for launching and landing your kite or setting off into the water with your wing.

Water Conditions – You can expect a variety of water conditions at The Point. The predominantly flat waters are perfect for freestyle tricks and beginners, while closer to the reef, you’ll find waves ideal for wave riding on the spots of One Eye, Manawa and Chameau. The warm water temperature adds to the pleasure, with the windy season providing a balmy 22°C to 25°C and 26°C to 29°C during the off-season, allowing you to ride comfortably in shorts or a shorty wetsuit year-round!

Skill Level – The Point caters to riders of all skill levels. Beginners can benefit from the flat water and take lessons offered by our Mobile Center at the Kite Lagoon. Intermediate and advanced riders will appreciate the challenging waves and strong winds, providing an excellent opportunity to push their skills and attempt more advanced tricks.

Safety Considerations – We always recommend prioritizing your safety during your kitesurfing or wingfoiling session. Familiarize yourself with the locals and get inside knowledge of the spot before heading out. Stay updated on weather and wind conditions, wear appropriate safety gear (helmet, impact vest, and leash), and let someone know that you plan on having a session! You never know what could go wrong on the water!

Other Activities – Le Morne offers more than just kitesurfing and wingfoiling. Explore the lagoons through snorkeling, take a hike up to the nearby Le Morne Brabant mountain, catch a trip to see the whales, or simply unwind and have a drink on the beach during sunset.

Please note that conditions can change quickly, so free free to get in touch with us or ask our instructors in person for the latest update to keep yourself informed during your trip to Mauritius.

The Kite Lagoon, Le Morne.

Welcome to the Kite Lagoon at Le Morne, Mauritius— the Kite Lagoon is the ideal destination for beginner kitesurfers and wingfoilers looking to learn and progress in these exciting watersports. With its perfect conditions and dedicated schools, the Kite Lagoon provides an exceptional learning environment. Here’s why it’s the perfect spot for those eager to learn and progress their skills.

Perfect Conditions for Beginners – The Kite Lagoon offers a safe and supportive environment for beginners to master kitesurfing and wingfoiling. The calm and shallow waters are ideal for practicing basic skills and building confidence. With the absence of large waves, beginners can focus on mastering control and technique without feeling overwhelmed. Like the Point, the water temperature tends to be warm all year long, with the windy season providing a balmy 22°C to 25°C and 26°C to 29°C during the off-season – so the most you will need is a shorty wetsuit or boardshorts!

Our Mobile Willow Surf Center – At the Kite Lagoon, we understand the importance of convenience and support for beginners. That’s why our dedicated mobile Center is situated right on the beach everyday, providing easy access to equipment rentals, lessons, and professional assistance. Our experienced instructors and team members are ready to assist you in learning the ropes and progressing at your own pace.

Delicious Food Trucks – After an exciting session on the water, you can replenish your energy at the food trucks conveniently located near the Kite Lagoon. We feel there’s nothing better than getting off the water and grabbing a panini or some fried noodles! The food trucks offer a casual and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for sharing stories and connecting with other watersport enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills, the Kite Lagoon in Le Morne, provides the perfect setting to begin your kitesurfing or wingfoiling journey. With its beginner-friendly conditions, pleasant water temperature, our mobile Center and delicious food trucks, we aim to give you an unforgettable experience!

Join us at the Kite Lagoon and let our experienced team guide you towards becoming a confident kitesurfer or wingfoiler.

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